Top 10 Games on iOS/Android for True Gamers
In recent years, mobile gaming has become a huge industry: there are a large number of studios on the market that produce thousands of games every year. Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary users not to get lost in this rich choice. That is why, in this article, we have selected for you the TOP 10 best games in the entire history for mobile devices in The Coin Shark opinion.

10. Tacticool

Android iOS We put a third-person online shooter called "Tacticool" in tenth place. In this game, you have to participate in dynamic team battles, use various tricks and resist the sophisticated tactics of opponents. One of the most interesting features that are present in the game is the ability to get inside a car and crush enemies. Also, some of the existing cars are equipped with machine guns and, if a member of your team takes the position of a machine gunner, then you can cope with a group of opponents very effectively and quickly. It is worth to talk separately about the physics of this game, it is made at a very decent level, it is worth remarking that there are destructions. There are 22 different characters, more than 50 types of weapons and special equipment, as well as 5 well-developed maps in the game.

9. Brawl Stars

Android iOS The last hit from the Finnish developers takes the ninth place, and it is “Brawl Stars”. This is a very dynamic online game in which you alone (or in a team) will have to play in more than five different game modes that will open as you gain experience points. In addition to the variety of game modes, “Brawl Stars” pleases with a large number of unique characters, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the features of this project are short game sessions, each of which does not take you more than three minutes. It is worth noting that this is a rather important parameter for modern mobile games. In addition, as you play, you will discover new characters, you can also strengthen them and unlock unique skins, due to which you can visually transform your characters.

8. Hearthstone

Android iOS A collection card game “Hearthstone”, which has already become classic, takes eighth place. It is made after the Warcraft Universe. Perhaps now it is not as popular as before, but it is definitely the benchmark for a quality card game. Here you have to collect your own deck and challenge various opponents. In addition to the card deck, you also need to choose a character who will represent you. The game pleases with dynamic and understandable gameplay, which will require thoughtful tactics and strategy from you. The main thing is to always keep in mind that the course of the battle may change at any moment, therefore it is better not to relax until complete victory.

7. Clash Royale

Android iOS Perhaps, one of the best strategic online games, "Clash Royale" is on the seventh place of today's selection. The game is a mixture of collectible card game and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), which takes place in real time. You have to collect and improve dozens of cards with troops, spells and defensive structures, as well as combine them and collect various decks. Your main task in each match will be the destruction of the enemy defenses. The attack should be started from the towers, and then go to the castle where your opponent's king is sitting. Currently “Clash Royale” has two game modes: one-on-one and two-on-two. In addition, you can join in clans with other players in order to exchange cards and participate in joint battles.

6. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Android iOS Sixth place - is a popular MOBA game called “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”. Many people consider it the best in its genre, but if we speak objectively, then it is certainly one of the few. The game is very popular, as evidenced by a large community of gamers. You will find a classic map for the genre MOBA in the game. You will have to go through three lines in mode five-to-five to destroy the enemy base. In addition, the game includes 4 stages of the jungle, 18 stages of tower defense and two wild monsters. Donat in Mobile Legends has absolutely no effect on the game balance; only your personal skill and the skills of your team members will be required to win. Each game session takes about 10 minutes, which is pretty good for mobile gaming. Here is a simple and intuitive control. In order to make purchases, no need to return to the base or go to the store - you just need to tap on the corresponding icon on top.

5. Critical Ops

Android iOS A three-dimensional multiplayer first-person shooter "Critical Ops" opens up the top five mobile games. The main success factors here are the quick reaction and the right tactics. You need to choose one of two sides, and then play in one of three game modes:
  • neutralization;
  • team fight to the death;
  • arms race.
In the first mode, depending on the chosen side, you need to install or neutralize the bomb. The team battle mode, perhaps, does not require explanation, but the arms race is a battle, where each player goes through all types of weapons. The game is regularly updated, new cards and weapons appear in it, so it is most likely, the developers will keep their brainchild for a long time.

4. Vainglory

Android iOS The fourth place of this TOP is taken by one more game from the MOBA genre - “Vainglory”. Here you will find different game modes in which you can play both three-to-three, and five-to-five. The game also has modes that are aimed at short sessions from 5 to 10 minutes, and there are full-fledged ones that will take you from 20 to 40 minutes. The game pleases with high-quality graphics and effects, as well as memorable characters. In order to make a purchase, you will need to visit the store. This feature gives a special charm to this game and teaches the players responsibility because gamers will have to recheck the stock of their own weapons before to enter the battle.

3. World of Tanks: Blitz

Android iOS The mobile version of the most famous tank game in the world, “World of Tanks: Blitz” takes the third place of today's collection. This is the mobile version of the legendary game. Also, players will have a wide variety of powerful armored vehicles for every taste with the possibility of leveling and customization. The design of local maps allows facing opponents both in open confrontation and ambush. The game is so popular that it hardly needs any additional introduction.

2. PUBG Mobile

Android iOS We placed the mobile version of the legendary game “PUBG Mobile” in the second place of today's selection. The vast majority of people know the essence of this game, but let's talk briefly about it. Here you and the other 99 players find yourself on an island where you have to look for weapons, vehicles, and resources, as well as engage in battle with other gamers. The safe play area will gradually taper off, so you will need to strive towards an area that has not been infected in order to win and survive. The game pleases with a large number of weapons and the ability to drive transports.
  1. Fortnite

iOS The first place is held by the “Fortnite”, which does not need a presentation. The game, as well as the previous one, is a “royal battle”. Its main features are a large number of game modes, crazy dynamics, and construction mode. Probably, because of the latter, this game is so loved by a wide audience. Depending on the game mode, you will need to land on the island and lead yourself or your team to victory. And if the sandbox mode is selected, then you can start building various structures together with other players.


This is how our personal TOP-10 games on mobile devices in the whole history looks like. Of course, this is only a subjective opinion with which you may disagree. If you think that we unfairly missed any project, then write in the comment, it is really important for us to know your opinion. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: