TON OS Will Be Available To Everyone Soon

The developers of TON, perhaps the most awaited project in the cryptocurrency industry, are going to launch an operating system for their blockchain. It should be available in the App Store and Play Market in the near future. The developers describe their new product as follows:

“An end-to-end open source infrastructure designed to enable developers and users to work with TON blockchain”

Also, the developers of TON Labs have presented one of the user interfaces for the blockchain TON Surf. It can be downloaded and installed on any device running Android and iOS. This interface is paired with a test network.

In simple words, TON OS will work on other operating systems, and its interaction with the blockchain can be compared with the connection between macOS or Windows with a computer processor.

Recall, yesterday we wrote that key validators intend to launch the TON network if Durov does not do this due to the situation with the SEC.

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