TON Launch Postponed Again

Today TON investors got the official letter that informs the launch of the TON ecosystem is delayed again. Durov decided not to bypass the injunction and wait for another year. He proposed to investors the following: everyone can withdraw 72% of their deposits now or wait until April 30, 2021, and receive 110% of the initial amount.

Investors who decide to support the project again will receive either Gram or another cryptocurrency in accordance with the contract made during the ICO in February-March 2018.

The Telegram team assures that anyway, it will pay the investors. Even if the project fails to agree with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the top managers of Telegram will sell their shares in the company and pay the promised funds to investors. Investors got a week to take the decision and inform by email.

The company emphasized that the Telegram messenger is the most popular communication channel in a number of countries, its user base totals more than 400 million people, and about one and a half million people download it daily. The potential value of Telegram is many times greater than the debt to TON investors.

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