Tiejia Gangguan - an Exoskeleton that Helps an Ordinary Person Lift a Car
The presentation of the “Tony Stark costume” on the central Chinese television channel made quite a sensation. And not surprisingly, after all, the 25-year-old exoskeleton inventor Chao Wang, who is not very athletic, was able to raise a car that weighs 1.6 tons. And all these thanks to the innovative exoskeleton Tiejia Gangguan, which translates as "Living Steel". https://youtu.be/3fJEjPhVGmA There was a demonstration of the latest prototype startup of a young Chinese engineer. According to Tech in Asia, small-scale production of Tiejia Gangguan exoskeletons in a less advanced version for warehouse workers has already been launched. Visitors to the Taobao Maker Festival, which was held in Guangzhou last week, had the opportunity to experience the incredible possibilities of the commercial version of the new product on themselves. The inventor says the exoskeleton is an inexpensive solution that can increase the physical capabilities of each person many times. He claims that this is only the first step towards a gradual change from the carbon to silicon form of life. The commercial version weighs a little over 5.5 kg. It is a vest with the metal case with the control system inside: sensors, batteries, and an electric motor. A full charge of the built-in battery is enough for eight hours of continuous use. The reported value of the exoskeleton is $4000. They have already begun testing it at the warehouses of Deppon Logistics, Watsons and JD.com and plan to continue to use it for delivery of such heavy household appliances as washing machines and refrigerators.