Thousands of Wells Fargo Customers Are Unable to Get Services due to a Power Outage

Wells Fargo is a major an American banking company based in California, providing different kinds of financial services (insurance, credit cards, mortgage etc.) in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. As a member of the US “Big Four Banks”, Wells Fargo has over 8 thousand branches and around 70 million customers worldwide.

Any kind of malfunction in the operation of such a massive enterprise could affect lots of people. This is exactly what happened just a couple of hours ago.

According to the report made by CNBC, multiple Wells Fargo customers failed to log into their accounts. A message saying “We’re experiencing some technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience as some of our web pages are temporarily unavailable” popped up on the screen.

The representatives of the company quickly acknowledged the situation and posted on their Twitter, asking all the customers affected by the issue follow their feed.

Shortly after, they published another message, promising to fix the bug as soon as possible.

As it turned out a bit later, the bug in the system happened due to a power outage at one of the facilities of Wells Fargo, after they detected smoke there and suspected a fire.

Wells Fargo assured its customers that the issue was by no means caused by any kind of hacker attack and promised to cancel any additional fees that could have arisen as a result of the outage.

The company is currently working to fix the situation and, hopefully, the customers will soon have access to their banking app accounts.

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