This startup makes waiting at the airport incredibly comfortable and satisfying! Fundraising soon starts on SHORTEX
Have you ever been stuck at the airport, waiting for your next flight with nothing to do and nowhere to seclude? More than 400 million passengers are facing the same problem each year in air transit: lack of privacy, uncomfortable seats, and no place to relax. AirPod Unit is a Smart napping pod that offers privacy and comfort in public places such as airports, business offices, venues, hospitals, railway and bus stations where people are not used to such options. It's a private place to rest, unwind and work on-the-go. It's a solution to get revitalized and enjoy yourself in the busiest places at the perfect private spot. AirPod provides you complete privacy while still in a public place's heart. It is soundproof with a full door and window dimming option. Your business calls will remain completely private, not to mention the ideal setting for rest. AirPod provides the ultimate comfort for users with a smart system. AIRPOD Zero Gravity Seat that transforms into a bed, air conditioning, easy access to the luggage compartment, and more to make you feel at home! AirPod's anti-stress technology also provides therapeutic and revitalizing functions.  Working desk, free high-speed Wi-Fi, full HD screen and power sockets (USB/electricity) will make AirPod your remote office in a luxurious ergonomic seat. The AirPod offers many entertainment options. You can enjoy the concert, play favorite video games or watch TV series. Furthermore, you're going to relax in a truly hygienic environment. Every AirPod is exceptionally clean, free of dust and moisture. An additional air filtration system purifies the air and eliminates 100% of unpleasant odors. LED disinfection system and airport staff support will ensure that each passenger faces a clean unit. In a very new and fast-growing napping pod industry worth more than USD 500 million, the company is currently setting a new standard with the best solution on the market. The primary target is the Middle East region, followed by the largest 284 major airports across the globe.  Social media Website: Twitter: Telegram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Medium: IEO IEO will start on the 11th of November. Exclusive bonus for SHORTEX users. More info here: Disclaimer: SHORTEX does not give any investment or financial advice or warranty of token price performance or successful fundraising. Investing in IEOs could be a great way to build a better future while it may involve high risks.