The World Cup Opens Up New Cryptocurrency Possibilities in Russia
The attention of most people in the world is currently drawn to the major football event - the World Championship held in Russia. Moreover, over 2 million football fans have come to this country to witness all the games with their own eyes. With such a big flow of foreigners, Russia needs to open up for novelties and adjust for the needs of people. Thus, the payment for goods and services in digital currency might become a lot more popular very soon. Since cryptocurrency is not regulated in the country in any way, it still remains unclear how it can be introduced as a means of payment. Nevertheless, some establishments do accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other coins. For example, a hotel in St. Petersburg, called SPBInn, has its own digital wallet where you can send Bitcoin to pay for the room. Another place is a bar in Moscow, Pivoteka 465. It has a special QR system which can be used to pay for beer and cider using a smartphone. However, the cafes, souvenir shops and bars which have such advanced payment options are not quite numerous. Most establishments and, frankly speaking, more customers still prefer more traditional methods and use cash or credit cards. Despite of a rather passive response from the government, cryptocurrency is slowly but surely finding its ways into Russia. We would like to remind you that the Russian president Vladimir Putin addressed the issue of regulating digital currency on the state level during his “Direct Line”. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: