The Visitors of the Cryptocurrency Conference Crypto Sanctum Tried Marijuana
An unpleasant situation happened at the cryptocurrency conference Crypto Sanctum, held in New York. Many visitors started showing signs of weakness, as well as complaints of poor health. The thing is that the amateurs of cryptocurrency world were fed food with marijuana extract. The organizers of the conference were the cryptocurrency project IOVO and the little-known group The Decentralists. The purpose of the event: “connect people with right opportunities in the fast moving crypto and blockchain space.” The entrance fee for this "cheerful" conference was $500. One of the visitors said that during the event she realized that she could not even say a word, another participant said that she felt as if she had been poisoned, someone was experiencing panic attacks, and one of the visitors completely lost consciousness. Journalists attempted to find out who is responsible for this mess and what the food and drinks contained. If you opened the menu, you could see unambiguous hints of the content of marijuana next to the dish options. Many of those who came were unaware of the filling of food and drinks, and apparently did not find it necessary to read the composition of what they were drinking or eating. Whatever it was, the organizers of Crypto Sanctum deleted the promotional videos and the website of the event immediately after the incident. IOVO publicly apologized for the incident and said they had nothing to do with this, because they were not responsible for organizing catering.
​"​The incident had a significant impact on the conference schedule, and some of our own team were so affected that they were unable to stay to the end. It is for this same reason that I wasn't able give a presentation​," Gagacki's statement
As for the company directly responsible for catering, its representatives flatly refused to comment on the situation. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: