The Virus Joker Infected 500 Thousand Smartphones on Android
For the first time, the Trojan Joker virus was mentioned in a software developer Alexei Kuprins microblog. He told malicious software is contained in at least 24 applications inside the Google Play store, which have been already downloaded more than 500,000 times. This is a mass infection, as this virus requests permission to access SMS messages. That is, attackers will be able to send and read SMS messages. This can be used to steal bank cards. It is not difficult for hackers to find out the victim’s phone number, and then just try using it to log into the account of any bank by entering the SMS code that will be sent to the smartphone. The consequences are obvious - the theft of all available means. Note that this virus has already infected the smartphones of residents of more than 37 countries from regions such as Europe and Asia. Google has already removed all the programs reported by the security expert from its store, but the Trojan continues to be installed on half a million smartphones, and their owners can lose money at any time. In addition, it may still be in some other applications.