The Virtual Reality Headset from Valve Will See the World in May
The American video games studio Valve, responsible for such all-time favorites as Half-Life, Portal, Dota 2, Counter-Strike and others, has unexpectedly revealed its brand new virtual reality headset called Valve Index. This information was covered with rumors and mystery for quite some time. The company started to leak details a few months ago. For example, this tweet with a logo of Valve Index created massive hype in the community. However, now the news has been confirmed, Valve will come out with the virtual reality headset of their own. This will be the first development of the company without partnering up with HTC, a Taiwanese electronic devices giant. A couple of days ago, Valve launched a weird-looking site which is most likely meant to serve as teaser for their upcoming gadget. The site contains as little information as humanly possible: just the below mentioned image and a date “May of 2019”. [caption id="attachment_33146" align="alignnone" width="500"] Source: The Verge[/caption] According to the research conducted by the authors from Ars Technica, who increased the brightness of the picture and managed to squeeze out a few more details about the gadget. Valve Index has at least two convex wide-angle cameras. This proves the fact that there is no need for external stations with cameras for tracking movements, just like in Oculus Quest and other second-generation VR headsets that have sensors embedded into the device. Moreover, the gadget is going to have an adjustment slider, allegedly for setting IPD (interpupillary distance), so it can fit a wider range of people. This is a fairly common feature of virtual reality headsets, but it’s missing in another development of Valve, Oculus Rift S. Given the fact that the company has already come out with such innovative VR ideas as headsets with a vertical grip and the ability to grab and squeeze things in virtual reality, the community expects something truly magical and unseen before from the brand new Valve Index. However, the representatives of Valve keep their future launch a secret, maybe as a part of the marketing strategy. Besides the few details obtained from the picture, we will have to wait until May to make a full review of this gadget. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: