The Venezuelan Сryptocurrency Can Now Be Purchased for Rubles
The President of Venezuela announced the launch of El Petro sales directly with the help of "the most important currencies": the Russian ruble, the Chinese yuan, the Turkish lira and the euro.  Maduro also noted that these currencies will enter the "economic future of the planet Earth", the local edition of 2001 with reference to the head of state Nicholas Maduro writes.
"El Petro is the best investment that can be made in Venezuela and in the world," Maduro assured.
According to the president, investors from 133 countries submitted more than 200 thousand applications for the purchase of the cryptocurrency for more than $5 billion. Most applications came from Venezuela, neighboring countries (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil), as well as from USA, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Spain and Italy. The authorities promise that El Petro can be used to pay for goods or services, pay taxes, fees and duties on the territory of the country, as well as exchanged for paper money in circulation. The exchange rate will depend on the amount of transactions performed at all exchange points that have received permission from the authorities to conduct business. The head of Venezuela announced the possibility of real estate transactions in the country in El Petro from the 20th of April. We would like to remind you that the famous American publication TIME published a material  the other day which claims that the Russian government and the representatives of the country's business took an active part in the launch of the national Venezuelan cryptocurrency - El Petro. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: