The USA Plans to Introduce National Cryptocurrency
US officials began talking about the need to introduce their own state cryptocurrency. Information about this appeared on the popular portal regnum, with reference to the text of a letter from political observer Zachary Warmbrodt. Powell told Congress today that the Federal Reserve is exploring whether it makes sense to issue its own digital currency that could be used by households and businesses” - the message states. Important to note is that earlier this year two congressmen from the Republican Party French Hill and Bill Foster have already tried to convince the Central Bank of the United States of the need to introduce a national digital currency. The main argument voiced by officials was US competitiveness. The fact is that the Chinese government is already actively working on the introduction of the “digital yuan,” which has every chance to squeeze the US dollar in international payments in the future. But at that time, US authorities delayed this initiative until better times. What will happen next, time will tell, we will closely monitor the developments in the cryptocurrency industry and inform you of the latest news.