The US Gambler Stole $3 million worth of BTC to Repay his Debts
According to the FBI, 24-year-old Joseph Kim from Chicago, who worked for Consolidated Trading LLC as an assistant trader, stole almost $3 million worth of cryptocurrency from the company, Bloomberg reported. Kim traded Consolidated bonds, and despite the order to stop all personal trading outside of his immediate work, he was stealing the cryptocurrency from the company, transferring it to his personal wallets. In total, about 284 biticoins have been stolen from the company's accounts ($ 2.8 million at the current rate). When Kim was charged with theft, he admitted having invested the company's bitcoins into short positions to repay his personal debts. As it turned out later, he had gambling debts. FBI officials note that Kim's case was the first in Chicago which concerned cryptocurrency trading. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: