The Twitter Study: Most Messages in The US Are About Bitcoin And Libra from Facebook
A fresh study from Twitter showed that the United States is leading in the number of tweets that refer to Bitcoin and the stable digital coin from Facebook, Libra, which has not been released yet. According to this study, which is published on the crypto-trading platform The TIE, the United States ranks first in the number of such posts - 38.9%, and the United Kingdom is in second place - 10.5%. Next, are the following countries (in descending order): Canada, Turkey, India, and Australia. This study also examined the mood of people, that is, how exactly users responded about Bitcoin. Еhe greatest number of positive posts turned out to be in Peru, and the greatest number of negative posts - in Venezuela. Taking the total number around the world, about 59.8% of posts are positive. As for posts about Libra, the report showed that immediately after the official presentation of the coin there were more positive reviews, but over time this trend has changed.
“Libra tweets were most positive in the United Kingdom but tended to be much less positive in the US and France”, The TIE tweeted.
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