The Trump Wall: Technological Peculiarities of the US/Mexican Border

One of the main endeavors undertaken by the current President of the United States Donald Trump is the infamous Wall that lies on the border between America and Mexico and supposedly prevents illegal border crossing, drag trafficking and smuggling.

There are many opinions about this construction: some people support it, others find it ridiculous. Today let’s take a look at the Trump Wall purely from the technological point of view.

A correspondent from BBC made a trip to the state of Arizona in order to inspect the sector of the wall located there and find out how well (or poorly) it is equipped.   

The Southwest border sector in Arizona has a length of 262 miles (422 kilometers), the maximum height of the construction amounts to 180 feet (55 meters).

According to the border officer Agent Hernandez, recently the video surveillance equipment on the wall has been upgraded significantly which has influenced a lot the efficiency of work.

Before the innovation, the border guards were only able to detect “some pixelation”. Because of the big distance between the cameras, it was hard to focus on a particular object.

Now the wall has a system of cameras that cover larger areas of land, new thermal detectors, high resolution radars etc.

The new surveillance system has already shown much better results at identifying objects close to the border.

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