The Street Cleaners in China Are Outraged by the Fact That They Have to Wear GPS Bracelets
According to the report of Daily Mail, the officials in the Chinese city of Nanjing decided to conduct an interesting experiments. They required around 500 workers, engaged in the cleaning of streets, to wear GPS trackers on their wrists. The devices worn by the sanitation workers are supposed to track down their every move and transfer the information to the main office onto a big screen, where each employee is represented by a dot on the map. [caption id="attachment_34588" align="alignnone" width="522"] Source: Daily Mail[/caption] Moreover, if a worker stops moving for more than 20 minutes, the bracelet will give a loud alert, saying something like “Please, resume working!”. This whole endeavour was meant to simplify the process of controlling the workers by targeting their exact location and making sure that they are not wandering around during their working hours. However, this experiment caused a very negative reaction from the community. Such a method was called barbaric by some people. Cleaners had to go over the streets that had already been cleaned, because they couldn’t stay motionless. In case the bracelet alarm was triggered, the managers could come to fine or even fire the workers that presumably stopped performing their duties. After receiving such a bad feedback, the authorities had to eliminate the “alarm” feature of the GPS bracelet, however, the tracking mode remained in place. Thus, if workers appear in a location that they shouldn’t be at, they could still get punished in the main office, but it will undoubtedly be much less humiliating. Meanwhile, most people still find this surveillance system quite disturbing. Many believe that as long as the streets are clean, the officials shouldn’t track down every step of cleaners, because it is brutal violation of personal space. As for the only feature that seems normal in this experiment, the GPS bracelet has an emergency button. If workers ever find themselves in dangerous situation, they can press this button and the police will come rescue them. We would like remind you that Chinese prisons are soon going to implement artificial intelligence to their security system. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: