The Statista Poll States Latin America and Turkey Have The Most Crypto Holders
Cryptocurrency is slowly but confidently taking over the world and new polls prove it. According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, many people prefer crypto to fiat money due to the unstable financial situation in the country, which suggests that crypto is much more popular in less developed countries. The researchers have asked about 1000 people in every participating country a question that sounds like “How common are cryptocurrencies around the world?” To not a big surprise, five of the top 10 countries in the sample turned out to be located in Latin America. There crypto holders and users create large communities since it is very widespread. 18% of people surveyed in Brazil and Columbia own and use digital currency. Argentina did not go far away, there are 16% of crypto holders and users. Mexico and Chile have 12% and 11% correspondingly. Venezuela is not in the summary due to very uncontrollable hyperinflation. However, we should admit that for some Venezuelan, Bitcoin is the only source of money in the country. Read more details here: Interestingly, Turkey has topped this list with 20% of people owning and using crypto. The country which borders with the European and the East worlds has been experiencing inflation lately. A fifth of the Turkish participants in the Statista poll declared they own crypto. The whole list you can see below: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960"] Source: Bitcoin News[/caption] We remind you: