The Release Date of Samsung Galaxy Fold in South Korea Became Known
In July, Samsung officials said they had made “improvements” to protect the Galaxy Fold's screen. And now the exact release date has finally become known, so an updated version will be available in South Korea from tomorrow, September 6. As for the United States, the new product will arrive there in the near future, while there is no exact date, but there were rumors that sales will begin on September 27th. Samsung also offers a new product called the Galaxy Fold Premier Service, although there are no details on what exactly it is. Probably, this is the professional individual assistance of experts, but it is not yet clear how it will be implemented. Recall that initially, Samsung delayed the retail launch of the Galaxy Fold after reviewers almost immediately discovered serious hardware problems. Some observers removed the protective film, which was supposed to be permanent, and damaged the panel. Samsung reacted to numerous loud messages about problems by officially delaying the release of the device at a price of $1,980 and canceling pre-orders. We hope Samsung will provide more details about launch dates for other regions. “During the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing more” – was said in the company.