The Number of Channels in the Bitcoin Lightning Network Exceeded 11 Thousand 1004

bitcoin lightning network is growing

The Lightning Network has become the savior of the world’s #1 digital coin, since it solved the main problem of this cryptocurrency – low scalability. The Network has significantly accelerated the transaction speed between the participating nodes.

The protocol is still developing and expanding at the moment. According to 1ML, its capacity has significantly increased in the past month. The number of the nodes has exceeded 3 thousand with the value of over 95 BTC. The quantity of channels involved is currently more than 11 thousand.

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Gemini Forms a Partnership With 3 Major Crypto Exchanges Including Bittrex 174

gemini will cooperate with 3 crypto exchanges

The Winklevoss brothers are working hard on the development of their brainchild. They are considering to create a joint venture with Nasdaq, and some experts believe that the twins tried to bribe an official to receive permission to trade in New York.

Now Gemini is partnering up with 3 cryptocurrency exchanges with the aim of forming a self-regulatory working group. The group will include:

  • Bittrex
  • Bitstamp
  • bitFlyer

We want to remind you that the crypto exchange Bittrex has also started cooperating with the project Ripple.

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The Chinese Crypto Rating Welcomes New Coins While EOS Remains #1 228

chinese crypto rating

Taking into account all the crypto novelties, China Electronic Information Industry Development updated its previous ranking of the best digital coins. Some cryptocurrencies managed to keep their position or even climb up, others lost their ground.

The list of the best 5 coins currently looks in the following way

  1. EOS
  2. Ethereum
  3. Komodo
  4. Nebulas
  5. NEO

Ethereum and EOS are keeping their positions, they once more proved to be best in terms of technology, application and innovativeness. The “lucky” coins of the previous rating Lisk and Stellar have both lost 2 positions, whereas Bitcoin has climbed from the 17th to the 10th place. However, the next rating might change the things drastically.

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Ripple Wonders Why The SEC Has Not Come Up with Cryptocurrency Status Yet 332

crypto status

We all remember the loud statement of the Securities and Exchange Commission which clearly said that the world’s two most popular digital coins (Bitcoin and Ethereum) do not comply with the definition of a security. What about other altcoins?

The representative of Ripple contacted the SEC not so long ago, asking why they have not yet determined the official status of cryptocurrencies. In response, the Commission’s spokesperson stated:

The SEC has not made a determination as to whether any specific cryptocurrency may be deemed a ‘security’ under the federal securities laws.

This answer is not quite informative, thus, we only have to wait upon the decision of the SEC.

We remind you that the SEC will take the decision concerning Bitcoin ETF in September of this year.

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The First Crypto Exchange in the History of Muslim Countries Launches Soon 756

arabic crypto exchange

As we mentioned in our article about the first Arabic cryptocurrency, Dubaicoin, the muslim world states perceive cryptocurrency very cautiously, since all of the activities that they engage in must comply with the Sharia law. That is why all crypto novelties appear in such countries with a slight delay. For example, the company Adab Solutions is planning to launch the first ever Arabic crypto exchange.

The First Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE) will conduct its token sale this September, after that it will start listing other digital coins and provide exchange services. The Sharia Advisory Board fully approved the project which means that the Islamic countries will soon enter the cryptocurrency market.

We would like to remind you that Stellar’s blockchain became the first one to comply with the Sharia law.

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Chinese Hackers Got Hold of $87 Million in Crypto 438

hacker attack in china

The most outrageous crime involving cryptocurrencies happened in the People’s Republic of China. Almost $87 million (600 million Chinese yuan) in Bitcoin and altcoins were taken by the criminals after a hacker attack. The police have already detained three people supposedly involved in the crime.

According to the local news outlet, the first victim of the theft with the family name Zhang reached out to the Xian police back in March. He said that somebody had broken into his computer and stolen almost $15 million of digital assets. Three months later, the police was able to spot a suspect, Zhou. Two months later, the prosecutors managed to detect the remaining 2 hackers, Zhang, living in the province of Jilin and Cui, a citizen of Beijing.

The police keep working on the case, however, they claim to have struggled a lot. According to one of the police officers:

Our bureau has not dealt with this kind of case before. It’s the first virtual currency-related case in Shaanxi.

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A Crypto Movie with Kurt Russell Will Soon Come Out 488

crypto movie

As we reported earlier, Hollywood started working on a film directly involving the topic of cryptocurrency. The producers have recently disclosed a couple of interesting details about this movie, besides its star-studded cast.

The plot of this thriller will wheel around the complicated world of money laundering, fraudulence and scams involving digital currencies. The main character, played by Beau Knapp, is going to unravel the dark secrets of this world.

The producers admit that they don’t have enough knowledge about crypto and trust specialists to handle the technical part, however, they have overall positive comments about it:

We hope it lasts for a long time…That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to do the film. We’re not into fads. We hope it stays around for a long time.

The official release of the movie is scheduled for 2019.

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