The New iOS 13 Has Been Announced: IPhone 5s Will No Longer Be Supported
According to the official press release of Apple, the upgrade for their operating system, which is said to come out in the fall of 2019, is going to have a lot of different features, some of them will be pleasant for IPhone users, others, unfortunately, won’t. As for the good things, iOS 13 is bringing Dark Mode to the interface of an IPhone; new editing features have been added to the photo/camera app; the new map is now much better at navigating, than it used to be. Moreover, the developers claim that all apps are now running way faster than before. Read more in our previous article: But unfortunately, IPhone 5s users will not get a chance to experience all these cool things. The update will be available for all IPhones starting from SE and 6s. That means that the first Apple smartphone with a 64-bit processor, released in 2013, has been literally buried. Its last iOS version is 12.2, and it is going to remain this way. R.I.P., IPhone 5s, and good luck to all the users who have it with choosing a new smartphone in the upcoming months. We remind you: