The New 8.20 Fortnite Patch: The Floor Is Lava
One of the most popular video games in the genre of battle royale Fortnite, developed by the studio Epic Games, keeps adding new features which come out in patches. Since the infamous 7.40 upgrade proved to be quite controversial and made many players upset, let’s take a look and the latest 8.20 patch and what will it add to the game. The developers of the game have released an official announcement which contains all the newly added features to the Battle Royale version.

Floor is lava

The main news about the 8.20 patch is, of course, the Time Limited Mode, which involves the lava rising from the bottom of the map to the top at a steady speed. Touching lava will affect the HP of the character. The players will have an opportunity to collect materials to escape the “floor is lava” situation. [caption id="attachment_32448" align="alignnone" width="486"] Source: Epic Games[/caption]

New items

There is nothing much to say here. Fortnite will now have new items to increase health of players: Bananas, Peppers and Coconuts. Peppers will increase your health by 10 points, moreover the speed of the character is going to be 20% faster during 10 seconds. Yummy Bananas, found in the tropics, are going to heal the character by 5 points. Coconuts also have a positive effect: they grant short-term 5 points of health and create a shield, if the health is at maximum. [caption id="attachment_32446" align="alignnone" width="504"] Source: Epic Game[/caption]

Poison Dart Trap

Players will now have a new way to get rid of their rivals. This new trap can be put on walls, ceilings and floors. The poison dart trap creates a damage-over-time effect, 10 hit points will be taken away for 1 encounter with it, and the following ones will prolongate the harmful effect. However, with this trap. players have to extremely careful not to step in it themselves. [caption id="attachment_32447" align="alignnone" width="525"] Source: Epic Games[/caption] Besides adding new weapons, traps and items, Fortnite developers also fixed a couple of major bugs in the 8.20 update. For example, the issue of a camera jumping on initial jumping output has been solved, as well as the issue of not being able to choose material when staying inside the vehicle. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: