The Neural Network of NVIDIA Will Turn You into a World-Class Artist
Have you ever seen a beautiful landscape, sunset or a flower field and felt the desire to capture the moment? But then the realization that you don’t have enough skills hit you hard. We are happy to inform everybody who can relate to this that NVIDIA will soon fix this issue and let all people express themselves regardless of their skill level. The company NVIDIA has created a neural network called GauGAN which is capable of turning primitive sketches into realistic, photolike pictures. This deep learning model can basically turn a kids’ doodles into a work of art. [caption id="attachment_30854" align="alignnone" width="563"] Source: Slash Gear[/caption] GauGAN turns circle into beautiful lakes or seas, triangles into picturesque mountain chains, the blue background into a gorgeous multicolored sky. The deep learning model was trained specifically to recognize various objects on the drawing and use its database to make them look almost real. Besides making things look better, the neural network also analyzes the overall picture, taking into account various details. For example, if you decided to portray a lake and a tree on its shore, GauGAN will add a reflection of the tree on the water surface. The neural network was trained using hundreds of photos of nature and wildlife and is capable of producing almost any kind of landscape. GauGAN is an absolute breakthrough of NVIDIA in the field of artificial intelligence and machine training. The neural network created by the company will open up new horizons for hundreds of people that dream of creating art pieces. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: