The Most Popular Games on Blockchain in 2018

Have you noticed how fast the blockchain technology is conquering all the top segments? This innovation also did not bypass the video game industry. According to experts, this is one of the best symbiosis, since games on blockchain are not only cool, but also profitable.

At the moment, cyber-lovers do not have much, because the developers have not presented the world with as many games on blockchain so far as people would like. The Coin Shark will introduce the most popular blockchain games in 2018 to you.

1. HunterCoin

This game is the first gave on blockchain in history and currently the only autonomous and centralized one. It was released in 2014. The essence of the game is simple: you collect unmarked coins with the help of your own squad of hunters. As soon as they see the coin on the map, they take it and carry it to respawn. Simultaneously, other players, that is, enemy hunters, should prevent the coin from appearing in the wallet. The HunterCoin token operates inside the game.

2. Spells of Genesis

The release of the game was accompanied by a loud sensation. Spells of Genesis does not work on blockchain, like HunterCoin, but simply uses technology in the game process. The events in the game develop around the Moonga universe, where the enemy Sayosian empire – is located. The main goal is to overthrow the tyrant by collecting cards and building mines. Bitcrystals tokens operate inside the game. Android and iOS users can use the web version for free.

3. Beyond the Void

The strategy game has MOBA elements. Actions in Beyond the Void are developing in the future, where people found the “Cube”, which provides an opportunity to travel through galaxies. However, the “Cube” has a high cost, because of that people are forced to fight with each other. The game has its own ERC20 Nexium tokens, which provide access to additional resources.

4. Augmentors

This blockchain game with augmented reality has a lot in common with the well-known Pokemon Go application, as players need to create their own monsters, in Augmentors they are called Augmentors: semi-humans, cyborgs, god-characters and monsters. Now the game has 50 characters. The DataBit token is used as a means of payment inside Augmentors.

5. Bitcomon Go

The game application was released in July of 2017. The essence is quite simple: an account is created and various tasks are performed. Players receive tokens for the solution of these tasks. You can also receive the platform currency by inviting new users.

6. Yggdrasil

It is a slot game on the platform FairWin, which operates on blockchain. The main task in the game is to grow a tree. The game has levels, the tree changes appearance on each of them and opens new symbols for players. Currently, Yggdrasil is in the test phase. FWIN will be operating inside the game.

7. CryptoKitties

The game CryptoKitties is a real bomb of 2017, which has some similarities with the beloved Tamagotchi. In this game you need to buy a kitty, breed him or her with another cute little ball of fur, so that the kittens are born. Then the players can put them up for sale and receive cryptocurrency.

8. BitQuest

BitQuest is hard to call a game that works on the blockchain technology, but one can call it one of the popular ones. The game is a public server in Minecraft. The essence of the game is to kill monsters and get an “emerald”, which can also be obtained by exchanging for other items.

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How to Get Bitcoin And How Profitable is Mining in 2019

Appearance of Bitcoin has marked the beginning of a new era in development and dissemination of money. 2018 became a crucial point for cryptocurrencies. In this article we will talk more about Bitcoin mining, find out what is needed and how to earn from it.

1. What is Bitcoin mining?

BTC mining is carried out with the help of specialized computer equipment, so-called Bitcoin farms. In order to open a new block, the miners resolve complex mathematical problems, for which the network rewards them with X number of coins.

Bitcoin algorithm is designed in such way, that every 210 thousand blocks the reward decreases exactly by twice. At the very beginning, miners received 50 coins for each new block, then this number was reduced to 25, and now this value is 12.5 BTC.

2. What are the ways to get Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, many people would like to become its lucky owner. Here are some ways to do it:

– Bitcoin faucets. This is an absolutely free method to get coins. It lies in performing various simple tasks, such as decoding and entering captchas, clicks on advertising links, browsing advertisers` websites, etc. This work is absolutely simple, but it requires  patience. We want to remind you, that reward for such work is purely tokenistic and it is not possible to earn decent money from Bitcoin faucets.

– Mining. This method means investment into equipment. It can be completely different: you can organize home mining on graphics cards spending 2-3 thousand US dollars on it, or you can build a huge data center by investing hundreds of millions of US dollars into this enterprise. Thus the income should be directly proportional to the initial investment. Unfortunately, today cryptocurrency is so volatile that it is impossible to calculate how much profit Bitcoin mining will bring in 2019.

– Salary in crypto. Nowadays, the fact of getting salary in cryptocurrency is no longer supernatural. Yes, it is still uncommon, but it is far from single instance.

– Purchase. The most obvious way to get cryptocurrency is to purchase it. Nowadays, you can buy Bitcoin using a large number of services (exchanges, currency exchange offices, individuals, etc.).

3. What is needed in order to start BTC home mining ?

In general, this is rather a broad theme, but in this article we will only briefly run through the main points, without which home mining is impossible. So you need to:

  1. Buy equipment for mining (graphic cards or ASIC miners).
  2. Create a Bitcoin wallet. Without this it will be impossible to get coins.
  3. Select a mining pool. Nowadays the hash rate (total computing power of all the miners) of Bitcoin network is really huge, that is why the algorithm constantly increases its overall complexity. This is why it will be very difficult for one miner to open a new block even with sufficiently powerful equipment.
  4. Install a special software for mining.
  5. Follow the process and, if necessary, repair or replace the components.

You should also remember that mining equipment (especially ASIC-miners) make a noise and heat up while working, therefore installment of farms in a residential house is not a good idea.

4. What is cloud mining?

There is another way to start mining Bitcoins. This is a cloud mining. It does not involve physical contact of person with equipment. A user buys a certain amount of computing power at a large data center and immediately starts to get income from it. So, how is it better to mine Bitcoin, on your own or using cloud? Everyone will find his own answer. Definitely, profit of home mining will be higher, but cloud mining will ease your pain associated with farm maintenance. Someone is willing to pay for his or her comfort, but another one would prefer to do everything by independently, therefore, everyone decides on one’s own.

5. Which video adapters work best for Bitcoin mining?

Each particular video adapter has its own payback period, which directly depends on what is happening on the cryptocurrency market. 2019 has just started, so here is the list of the most cost-effective video adapters for BTC mining in 2018:

  • NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI.
  • NVIDIA GTX 1070 TI.
  • NVIDIA GTX 1070.
  • NVIDIA P106-100 (GEFORCE GTX 1060).

6. How to calculate Bitcoin mining correctly?

Bitcoin rate is very volatile, network hash rate is also unstable, so, it is almost impossible to calculate exactly the mining profit. But there are convenient calculators which will help you to find out at least approximate numbers.

7. What does BTC rate depend on and what will happen next?

Bitcoin price varies in the trading range of USD 4000.00. Bitcoin emission is limited and it amounts to 21 million coins. Over 17 million ones have already been mined. But it is necessary to recall a double decrease in the remuneration for a found block, which occurs every 4 years. It is easy to calculate that over the next 30 years, more than 99% of all coins will be mined, and the remaining 1% will be mined over the next 100 years.

According to the laws of economics, this feature makes Bitcoin a very valuable and, most importantly, a limited resource. Now Bitcoin capitalization is about 70 billion US dollars, and it is absolutely a wasted number from the world scale perspective. Many market experts predict a great future for this coin, for example, John McAfee believes that 1 Bitcoin by December 2020 will be USD 1,000,000.00.

If to take a look at Bitcoin chart for the entire history, one can see approximately the same picture of what is happening: rapid growth, prolonged correction, stagnation after which the cycle repeats. Moreover, every time during the correction, the media “buries” Bitcoin, and the coin after some time again renews its previous records.

8. Conclusion

Bitcoin mining, as of the beginning of 2019, is not a very profit-making enterprise without major initial investment. Bitcoin mining should be considered more like an investment for the future, when BTC becomes a very scarce asset and its value can literally skyrocket. Well, we cannot do anything but wait and actively monitor the developments.

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The “Fatal 2018” or The Most Important Events Of The Year

The digital coins market shows a negative trend throughout the year 2018. Compared to the historical maximum, the total cryptocurrency market cap has decreased by almost 8 times. The cryptocurrency market shows a negative trend throughout 2018. During the year, news of the cryptocurrency market that are actively discussed in media, have a negative meaning. Let us recall the most important events that occurred on the cryptocurrency market.

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  1. Banking system against digital coins
  2. Internet restrictions
  3. Bitcoin ETF
  4. Formation of legislation
  5. Attracting of institutional investors
  6. Active development of the OTC market
  7. ICO Market Growth
  8. Cryptocurrency companies entering the IPO market
  9. Integration of financial conglomerates
  10. Integration with Internet companies
  11. Conclusion

1. Banking system against digital coins

At the very beginning of 2018, traditional financial institutions began to limit the capabilities of participants in the cryptocurrency market. A large number of fairly large banks around the world began to close the accounts of companies whose activities are related to cryptocurrency. We may also recall the decision of Visa to terminate cooperation with major European companies. All this adversely affected cryptocurrency companies. But it is worth noting that the restrictions of banks affected not only legal entities, along with this ordinary customers also lost an opportunity to buy cryptocurrency through their credit and debit cards.

A similar policy of the Reserve Bank of India led to the fact that local cryptocurrency platforms closed crypto-fiat trade. In the middle of autumn, Zebpay cryptocurrency exchange was forced to close the cryptocurrency exchange service. A similar situation happened in Zimbabwe, but cryptocurrency companies were able to challenge this decision with the help of the Supreme Court of the country.

Such policy of traditional financial sector representatives speaks only of their concern and desire to get rid of a potential competitor. If to analyze the cryptocurrency market, it becomes obvious that this industry is developing too fast. This makes the financial giants to tremble with fear and uncertainty about the future. This event played a big role in crypto market cap lowering.

2. Internet restrictions

Another damage to the cryptocurrency industry in 2018 was caused by the largest Internet companies: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Baidu, Alibaba, WeChat, Yandex, etc. All of the above mentioned information giants banned the promotion of cryptocurrency and ICO on their sites. This decision caused corresponding consequences, namely, undermined confidence towards the industry, and also cryptocurrency market capitalization decrease. Mining applications were blocked in App Store.

The Internet giant’s representatives explained their decision by the fact that there is a huge number of scammers in the cryptocurrency industry, which trusting users should be protected from. However, just a few months later, Facebook and Google reconsidered their decision and partially canceled it.

3. Bitcoin ETF

One of the most discussed topics in the industry since mid-summer of 2018 is the possible launch of Bitcoin ETF. The fact is that the situation in the cryptocurrency market strongly depends on the SEC decision. We remind you that cryptocurrency market value growth, which occurred in November-December, was caused by the launch of futures at CBOE and CME. Many experts believe that the launch of ETF will be a much more powerful event than the last year’s futures.

But the situation that has developed around this issue is quite controversial. On the one hand, the SEC does not deny the possibility of giving permission to launch Bitcoin ETF. But on the other hand, The United States Securities and Exchange Commission rejects all applicants (or postpones the date of consideration) who submitted the application during the year. The staff of the SEC explain their reasons quite uncertainty.

It is worth mentioning that during 2018 a lot of funds and exchanges have submitted their applications: ITS, Direxion, VanEck, Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, ProShares, SolidX, etc.

Based on the latest data, the Securities Commission must make a final decision on the ETF before February 27, 2019.

We want to remind you:

SEC Will Release the Decision on Bitcoin ETF in February

4. Formation of legislation

The cryptocurrency market`s fall, which began in early 2018, was caused by many reasons, one of them is the lack of a legislative base. In other words, at the moment the cryptocurrency market is not regulated at all. Just this year, a large number of changes were to occur in this matter. But, unfortunately, everything happened not the way it was expected.

It is worth noting that this year many countries of the world drafted bills, that in one way or another dealt with cryptocurrencies. Some states limited the presence of digital coins on their territory due to the complexity of regulation. Others, on the contrary, encouraged and developed this direction in every way. For example, on July 4, 2018, blockchain technology was officially legalized in Malta for the first time in the world.

At the end of the winter, the German authorities signed a law under which Bitcoin equated to legal means of payment and was thus released from taxation.

This year was the first time in the history of the industry, when the regulation of cryptocurrency was discussed at the highest international level. For example, the mechanisms for regulating the industry became an agenda at the G20 meeting. It was decided to postpone this topic till October, but no one has returned to it thoroughly so far. This also had a negative effect on the cryptocurrency ranking.

5. Attracting of institutional investors

This year, for the first time the entry of large players into the market was seriously discussed. The interest of institutional investors in cryptocurrency assets is confirmed by a survey of an independent consulting company Capgemini:

  • 44% of the surveyed large capital owners are interested in cryptocurrency investments;
  • 29% of the surveyed large capital owners showed high interest;
  • 27% of the surveyed large capital owners expressed moderate interest.

Another interview, which was conducted by an independent consulting company DeVere Group, says that almost 40% of large business owners want to see a list of cryptocurrencies by market cap in their investment portfolios.

6. Active development of the OTC market

The situation on the cryptocurrency market today is as follows (according to CoinMarketCap):

  • market capitalization of 130 billion dollars;
  • 24h trading volume is about 16 billion dollars.

The situation is not the best, to say the least of it. But it is worth noting that the second mark is not entirely correct. The fact is that we see only turnovers that relate to stock trading. According to the company TABB Group, the UTS trading market is approximately 2-3 times higher than the stock index. It should be noted that such transactions cannot be traced when dealing with blockchain, since private keys from wallets are transferred more often than coins.

There is a sufficient number of large players in the cryptocurrency market (large miners, investors, ICO organizers, etc.), who cannot satisfy their demand with the help of exchanges. More and more OTC platforms began to appear due to the growing demand in the industry.

7. ICO Market Growth

Even regardless of depressing mood on the cryptocurrency market, the number of ICO held in 2018 is much more than in 2017: more precisely, 741 vs 514. The amount of raised funds also grew: $18.16 billion vs $6.89 billion.

The most discussed project of this year was undoubtedly TON from Pavel Durov, who managed to attract $1.7 billion. These funds were obtained even without public ICO, and Durov had to refuse from the overwhelming majority of those who wanted to invest in his brainchild.

But if to consider the amount of collected money, the undoubted leader is the EOS project, which managed to raise about 4.2 billion dollars. This mark is the best not only in this year, but also in the entire history of the industry as a whole.

But even such major events as EOS or TON could not help a fading interest of people to invest in cryptocurrency at the stage of the initial coin offering. The situation is caused by a general decrease in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market in 2018. Because of the downtrend on the market, the vast majority of coins now cost less than at the ICO stage.

8. Cryptocurrency companies entering the IPO market

ICO is certainly a rather convenient way to raise capital, but despite this, many cryptocurrency companies expressed their interest in entering the more traditional IPO market. The initial public offering or IPO is regulated by the SEC. Investors are more protected there and this fact attracts people with large capital.

As of the beginning of December 2018, only one company successfully conducted its own IPO, all the others did not go further than applications or plans announcement for the future so far. In August of this year, there was an initial public offering of Argo Mining Company. It works in a cloud mining field. The company’s results are quite good, it managed to raise $32.5 million during IPO.

9. Integration of financial conglomerates

As we wrote above, some large financial institutions have limited the cryptocurrency industry development by their policies. But it does not concern absolutely all financial conglomerates of the planet. In parallel with the collapse of the cryptocurrency market (financially), we can observe the world’s largest banks integration into the industry (Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Barklays, etc.).

At the very beginning of the year, Goldman Sachs, with the help of a startup Circle, bought one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Poloniex. The official sum of this transaction was not disclosed, but according to analysts’ estimates, such a purchase costed them about $400 million. It is worth noting that, Goldman Sachs invested $136 million in a startup Circle before acquiring Poloniex.

In early autumn the largest financial conglomerate of the land of the rising sun (Japan) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group started its own MUFG coin in a test mode. If the test is successful, then the representatives of MUFG promise to introduce it into their own payment system.

The Bank of America and other major financial institutions owners in the world got curious in Technology Ripple (xCurrent), which helps banks to save about $3 on each transaction. This year, a number of major banks and the Ripple company signed cooperation agreement. It was highly expected, because xCurrent technology allows banks to save tens of millions dollar a year.

10. Integration with Internet companies

Along with the negative news background that accompanies the cryptocurrency industry throughout the year, an increasing number of Internet companies are trying to integrate digital coins into their product. For example, a few months ago, the Opera browser for Android released support for a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. At the moment, this wallet supports only ERC-20 and ERC-271 tokens, but the developers promise to add support for new types of digital coins in the near future. If to follow the news, it is easy to notice how the above mentioned  event is connected with Bitmain Company`s purchase of 3% of Opera Ltd in the amount of about $50 million (Bitmain Company is the largest manufacturer of network equipment for mining).

The cryptocurrency browser Brave shows good download dynamics: more than 5 million installations over the past six months. This number can be explained by a good program to attract new users, which was launched by the Brave developers. The browser charges 25 BAT for every 2 months of use. That is, for 1 year, you can accumulate 150 BAT, and for 2 years, 300 BAT. At today’s prices, it costs approximately $25 a year, but BAT is rated as one of the most promising coins of the next bull market. According to various estimates, it will enterTOP-10 and grow by from 30 to 50 times. That means, by using this browser it is possible to get from 1,000 to 2,000 dollars in a couple of years.

11. Conclusion

The cryptocurrency market today is experiencing a downtrend. Market capitalization has decreased by almost 8 times, compared with the peak values ​​of this year. As you can see, the general news background is negative this year. But it is worth noting that along with this, the infrastructure in the industry is actively developing, and new institutional investors are coming to the market. The forecast of the cryptocurrency market is not quite clear, but major experts believe that there are still many ups and falls ahead of us.

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The Biggest Bitcoin Falls in 10 Years

This year Bitcoin celebrated its first anniversary, the first cryptocurrency turned 10 years old. Bitcoin survived many rapid ups and quite a few drastic falls during its not very long history. In this article we will talk about the most important events in the industry that have occurred over the past decade. So let’s get started.

In the fall of 2008, the world learned about such a concept as Bitcoin for the first time, when its creator, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, published his work. He described the basic principles of the new payment system, in which there is no central governing body or any intermediaries. But it is worth noting that BTC could not be bought or even mined in 2008, since the Bitcoin network started to work on January 3, 2009. The zero block was mined that day. After a few days, on January 12, 2009, the first transaction of coins from one wallet to another happened.

The first official Bitcoin exchange rate was set on October 5, 2009, it was possible to buy the coin at the New Liberty Standart exchange, where $1 = 1309.03 BTC. From this day the story of one of the most volatile and certainly the fastest growing assets in the world begins. In the first couple of years, there was no specific Bitcoin rate for fiat currencies. That is why, the first cryptocurrency`s rate started to be tracked since 2010.

Before turning to the review of the most important and serious events that happened with Bitcoin throughout the time of its existence, let`s recall a significant date, namely May 22, 2010. This day is significant due to the historical purchase of two pizzas at a price of 10 thousand BTC. This case is notable for two reasons:

  • firstly, in terms of today’s rate (at the time of writing this article it is $3500 per one coin), these pizzas would cost about $35 million, which makes them the most expensive dish in the history of mankind;
  • secondly, it was the first case of buying goods for cryptocurrency.

Due to this Italian cuisine`s lover, users around the world have become more interested in Bitcoin. In the same 2010, the coin rate significantly increased: first to 8 cents, and then to $0.5. Then there happened the first major coin rate fall, in just a few days the price of Bitcoin fell by 50%.

After that, the rate started to grow and at the beginning of 2011 one coin equated to 1 dollar. The first half of this year was very successful for the cryptocurrency industry, as of June 2011, the price of 1 BTC rose to a record $32. After that, the first scandal in the cryptocurrency industry happened, namely the hacking of the Mt.Gox exchange. As a result of this event, the BTC rate dropped to $3. That was the largest fall of the coin`s price in history.

In 2012, the first cryptocurrency bank Bitcoin Central opened up, it received an official license. This event had a positive impact on the rate of the coin. It should be noted, that that year the price of the first cryptocurrency was not volatile.

By this time, Bitcoin Central bank had already established its reliability, and with its help a growing number of investors began to take interest in cryptocurrency. Due to this, the Bitcoin rate began to grow rapidly and reached $266 in a short period of time. At this point, another negative event occurred in the cryptocurrency world – the arrest of the Silk Road Company. The CEO of the company got a verdict of 6 years in prison for property theft. Against this background, the Bitcoin rate decreased by half. But in 2013 investors were too determined; therefore the BTC rate continued its growth. By the end of the year, it overcame the psychological mark of $1000.


Correction in 2014-2016

After such a rapid growth, a rather deep and protracted correction immediately followed and lasted for more than two years. Only in early 2017, the price of Bitcoin was once again able to overcome the $1000 price point.


This time was characterized by a struggle between hackers and software developers. Successes and failures of both parties were reflected on the Bitcoin price chart. At that time, the industry began to actively develop the infrastructure, creating new decentralized applications. Since the market did not make any special movements, only traders could make money on the cryptocurrency market at that period of time. At that time the rate of BTC fell to $190, and correction lasted for more than two years.

Bitcoin “Fever” of 2017

This year was the most successful one for the cryptocurrency industry in history. It was in 2017 when the masses learned about Bitcoin and digital coins. Throughout 2017, the price of Bitcoin and other coins grew steadily. By summer 1 BTC cost $3000, by fall it cost $6000, at the end of November the price was $10000, and after that, on December 17, 2017, a historical maximum of almost $20000 was reached. At the beginning of the January of 2018, Bitcoin tried to start an upward movement again, but it could only grow to $17000.

After this, the rate began to fall down. By the February of 2018, the price of the first cryptocurrency dropped to $6000. Then rate started to grow, but unfortunately, the upward trend did not last long. Throughout 2018, the Bitcoin rate fluctuated up and down. The price of BTC did not fall below $6000 until the November of 2018. And then there happened the most rapid fall in the history of Bitcoin exchange rate over the past 7 years – in just a couple of weeks the coin lost half of its value (the price dropped to $3000).


At the time of writing this article, the Bitcoin rate is $3880 per coin. This correction has been going on for almost a year and no one can say for sure when it will end. As practice shows, Bitcoin can rapidly fall and stay unchangeable for a very long time, but its price recovers and even overcomes new psychological marks sooner or later.

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Monero vs. Zcash: Who is the King of Anonymity in the Crypto World?

Each resident of “crypto kingdom” adores cryptocurrency for its advantages and possibilities. The point is that anonymous money is highly valued by fellow servants. As their holders have full financial freedom. The most famous and desirable are Monero and Zcash. But this kingdom isn’t big enough for both of them. So there should be only one king.

Therefore, let’s find out in the format of 3 round tournament who is worth wearing the crown of “the king of anonymity” in crypto kingdom: Monero or Zcash.

Round #1: Technology

Monero technology

Originally, Monero’s developers were chasing the idea of automated money transfer by technology circular confidential transactions. The core of the technology is that the recipients of funds are “invisible” for other network users and the funds are provided with the additional protection. As a result, the path of sent funds is secured from tracking and the amount of transactions is hidden from a third party. The information of transaction is available only for recipient and sender.

Disadvantage of Monero technology

The circular technology coped with its task. Nevertheless, such result entailed high expenses of network resources which influenced the commission rate for transaction. Monero network commission is practically the same as that of Bitcoin.

Hardfork in Monero network

The automation of transaction Monero development was practised till the successful technical hardfork of 18th October,2018. During the update the developers replaced the circular confidential transaction with a proof protocol with a zero Bulletproofs disclosure. As a result, the commision of Monero network transaction was decreased by 90%.

Zcash technology

Unlike Monero, Zcash has been working on a Zk-SNARK protocol with a zero disclosure since the launch. Such protocol hides the information about a sender, a recipient and an amount of transactions and the only data left in the network is about transaction completion.

Disadvantage of Zcash technology

Because of a big amount of necessary computing power not everybody was able to use anonymous transactions. The holders of full node were lucky and the rest of “mere mortals” were satisfied with usual transactions which have a lot in common with transactions in Bitcoin network.

Hardfork in Zcash network

During the Zcash hardfork network of 29th October, 2018, the new technology of anonymous Sapling addresses was added. After the update the network is no longer wasteful on processing transactions which will provide with the access to anonymous transactions of all Zcash network users.

Nevertheless, Sapling is still not fully implemented, plenty of time will pass before it complete launch in network. The complexity is that for its complete implementation it is necessary to attract the providers from a third party wallet-services, exchangers and crypto exchange. But for now, Zcash is still in pending and Monero has launched a new update of Bulletproofs network in which have changed the algorithm for mining in order to protect from Asic-device. Although Zcash is still doesn’t see this problem.

The result of the first round

Monero wins the first round because Zcash put down arms.

Round #2: the sphere of real implementation

We are sure that some of our readers will say: “There’s nothing to think about, Zcash is a winner”. You are right, despite the fact that Monero capitalization is more than Zcash’s by a billion dollar, Monero daily bidding is only $16 million at a time when Zcash’s is $116 million. In addition, Zcash have more influence at various cryptocurrency exchange. So, the answer is logical.   

If traders’ preferences are clear, but what about regular crypto users for which the digital currency is the primary means of payment? Actually, everything is simple: they chose Monero. Maybe the following will be a discovery for you or maybe not, but Monero is the most demanded currency of the darknet users.

Even though Monero is the darknet favorite, it doesn’t mean that it is used only for illegal deals. Actually, even regular sellers appreciate privacy, which is fully provided by Monero. Of course, due to anonymity Zcash is also on both black and regular market, however it has low trust.

The result of the second round

Zcash is a commercial project which was launched with the help of investments that are being returned now by means of charging mining commission. Monero makes more confidence, since it is anonymous and closer to the world first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. It is more widespread and implemented in real spheres of activity.

So, Monero wins the second round, again by surpassing its opponent. Zcash chances on becoming the king are decreasing.

Round #3: Perspective

The perspectives of Monero and Zcash are almost equal, since these cryptocurrencies prefer anonymity. It means that they are both moving against governance and their financial flows are not under control.

Next year, Groupe d’action financière will put forward the recommendations on digital currencies management. There is high probability that turnover of anonymous coins will be restricted. However, this will not affect the value of coins itself outside the exchanges and exchange services.

Well, if the turnover of anonymous cryptocurrency isn’t restricted than the Monero and Zcash will continue scaling up, improving and securing their leading positions on the crypto market.

The result of the third round

They are both aiming at confidentiality. And until the measures against anonymous coins are taken – the demand and popularity of Monero and Zcash will grow daily even outside the kingdom.

Despite the fact that both have fought honorably, the winner of the third round is “friendship”.

Conclusion: who’s the king of anonymity in the crypto world?

Based on the outcome of the 3 round tournament, the crown of the king goes to Monero and Zcash becomes the vice-king. It is worth mentioning that the gap between engaged in combat is minor.

Maybe some of you doesn’t agree with the final result. But since the organizers of subjective fight is your cosmic The Coin Shark, so the king of anonymity in this review is Monero. It is closer to classic cryptocurrencies, trusted, and its anonymous feature leads mankind to a new era of financial systems.

Zcash has all chances to take back the crown if its developers finds the way to find common ground with authorities while saving anonymity of payments.

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Bitmain’s BCH Client Team Was Dismissed Right Before Christmas

Bitmain’s Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer, Samson Mow, has tweeted that the entire team, named Copernicus, was laid off. The team was in charge of development of BCH client database. Unfortunately, the dismissal happened right before Christmas Eve.

As we all know, bad luck always comes in threes: this tweet has spread panic among other Chinese employees. Rumours state that Bitmain allegedly plans to lay off 50% of its stuff next week.

Bitmain has nearly 2000 staff workers, if the rumors are credible, and Bitmain indeed is about to fire 1000 workers, that will cause a big damage not only to a mining world, but also to the whole crypto market.

The first question that comes to your mind – “Why would they do this?”. Although, the official reason has not been announced yet, many people think the core of the problem is significant downfall of Bitcoin’s price. We also should not forget that Bitmain possess substantial assets of Bitcoin Cash, which has been under big pressure since its hard fork on November 15. It is worth to mention that the company filed an IPO back in September, even though the IPO was considered to be lucrative one then, now the company is struggling with it.

Read more: What Should BTC Miners Expect in the New Year of 2019?

This year’s autumn season was not the greatest for Bitmain, first, the company’s WeChat account was banned, as many others crypto-related accounts due to Chinese government ban of the cryptocurrency. Second, the U.S.-China trading war has also brought losses to Bitmain as its equipment has a tariff of 27,6%. Third, 617 BTC were stolen from Bitmain’s account, so they had to file a suit against the criminal.

In addition, we want to recall the report which shows how much Bitmain has lost this year, the number is quite impressive, about $740 million. This loss makes the fall the worst in Bitmain’s history. Nevertheless, we all have to believe that the biggest breakthroughs almost always come after the most enormous setbacks.

We remind you

Bitmain Closed Its Branch In Israel Due To Crypto Market Situation

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The Safest “Cold” Wallet or Review of Bittrex Exchange

The growing popularity of digital coins, as well as the cryptocurrency trading, was the reason of emergence for the large number of exchanges. There is huge competition on this market segment now. New projects are trying to lure as many users as possible. But there are also time-tested sites that can guarantee a high security level. In this article we will talk about the most secure cryptocurrency exchange, which has been successfully operating for more than 4 years and has a fairly large user base.

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  1. Briefly about Bittrex Exchange
  2. Trade and order types
  3. Deposit and withdrawal of funds
  4. Bittrex Exchange commissions
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of Bittrex exchange
  6. Conclusion

1. Briefly about the Bittrex Exchange

Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange was registered in the United States in 2014. Activity of this site is more designed for the American market. But this does not mean that the user base of the project is limited only by traders from USA, Bittrex is also quite popular in Europe and the CIS.

The functionality of the exchange can satisfy not only a novice, but also an experienced trader. The platform have integrates tools, with the help of which you can conduct a deep technical analysis. More than 250 currency pairs are traded on this exchange, which provides ample opportunities for trading. It is also worth noting that there is no possibility of trading with leverage and lending on Bittrex exchange.

2. Trade and order types

At the site, traders have the opportunity to trade both limit and market orders. Market order is intended to buy and sell assets at the current price. Suppose that the BTC rate is $4,200, if this price suits the trader, he opens a market order and makes a deal at the current rate almost immediately.

The limit order is designed to buy or sell an asset at desired, rather than actual rate. For example, the BTC rate is still equal to $4,200, but the trader wants to make a purchase only when the BTC price drops to $4,000. In order to avoid sitting at the trading terminal following the BTC rate, trader can open a limit order. When the asset`s actual price matches the value indicated by the trader, the limit order will automatically close.

3. Deposit and withdrawal of funds

It is important to know that this platform works exclusively with cryptocurrencies and it is impossible to replenish your account with fiat. But nowadays this is not a particular problem, because it is possible to buy Bitcoin on a huge number of exchangers now. One may replenish deposit on Bittrex exchange without any special problems, but in order to use the full functionality, it`s necessary to pass the verification procedure. And this is two kinds:

  • Elementary. The user is required to provide with his full name, date of birth and address of residence. Reliability of information is verified by using social media accounts or other open sources.
  • Advanced. In order to withdraw more than 4 BTC per day (or the dollar equivalent in any other coin), one must provide copies of official documents and selfie with the passport. For residents of the CIS countries, this can be a problem, because only an international passport suitable for verification, and not all possess it.

4. Bittrex Exchange Commissions

This site cannot boast with very low commissions, but it is also impossible to call them high.Bittrex charges 0.25% of the total amount for each transaction. The exchange may set a special terms for regular traders, but these figures are individual and depends on turnover and single user’s trading time.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of Bittrex exchange

Bittrex has its strengths and weaknesses as well as any service. In order to objectively evaluate this site, let’s talk more about its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Bittrex activity is officially regulated in the United States. This means that traders are fully protected from the possible misconduct from owners of the exchange. But for residents of other countries (except the US), the official regulation, basically, does not give anything.
  • The ability to go through the verification procedure by using a minimum set of documents (compared to other exchanges).
  • Simple and clear system of fees (0.25% of transaction amount, which is average in the market).
  • Support for a large number of altcoins (including very rare ones), which opens a broad opportunities for users.
  • Enhanced security. The creators of the exchange as a loke call themselves paranoid, as they store about 90% of client funds exclusively in cold wallets.
  • The absence of any restrictions and limits on account replenishment.


  • Inability to trade with leverage, as well as lending.
  • Lack of referral programs, as well as motivation systems for new users.
  • Very slow customer service. Some questions may remain unanswered for several weeks.

6. Conclusion

Bittrex is the safest cryptocurrency exchange in the industry. For all the years of its work this site has not been subjected to a single attack. Almost 90% of user funds are stored in cold wallets. This level of security is the main advantage of this site. Another undoubted advantage of Bittrex is its official status in the United States.

The fact is, that the activity of the exchange is regulated by authorities, which legally protects users from possible illegal actions of the site owners. But it should be said that the other countries residents will have to go to the United States to resolve any issues in a court, which requires substantial financial expenses.

Bittrex charges a fixed commission, which is equal to 0.25% of transaction`s amount, this is the average for the market. This exchange is a good tool for conducting balanced trading, as it does not support margin trading. Bittrex cannot boast with quality customer support.

Based on the foregoing, we can say that this project certainly deserves attention. All the minor flaws of Bittrex are compensated by its merits, especially the security level.

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