The Map of Bitcoin ATMs Around the World
With a number of regular ATMs being more than 3 million pieces, which breaks it down to approximately 1 ATM per 3000 people, the number of Bitcoin ones may seem insignificant. Nevertheless, this new type of automated teller machines is quickly developing and expanding all over the globe. According to the portal Coiatmradar which gathers all the information about ATMs in all countries of the world and compile statistical graphs with the corresponding percentages, the number of Bitcoin ATMs as of the time of writing is 3508 units. The average installation speed is a bit more than 8 ATMs every day. The second place after the mighty Bitcoin is occupied by Litecoin (1738 units), then go Ethereum (1121 units), Bitcoin Cash (814 units), Dash (424 units), Monero (63 units), Zcash (44 units), Dogecoin (39 units). As for the geographical position, the ATMs are located in:
  • North America (74.23%)
  • Europe (21.07%)
  • Asia (2.28%)
  • Oceania (1.43%)
  • South Africa (0.80%)
  • Africa (0.20%)
crypto atm map The main countries which have functioning cryptocurrency ATMs on their territory include:
  • The US
  • Slovakia
  • Panama
  • Taiwan
  • South Africa
  • Chile
  • Norway
  • Jamaica
  • The Philippines
  • Iceland
The number of digital ATMs is growing in leaps and bounds. Very soon you will be able to find a crypto ATM next to every regular one. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: