The Legendary Game Rolando is Back on iOS
In 2008, among the lucky owners of iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G, there was a very popular multi-colored and funny puzzle game - Rolando. Over the years, it had a huge number of imitators and clones, and the original one was deleted from the App Store in 2017 due to the transition from 32 to 64-bit architecture. But, just recently, the Hand Circus development studio purchased the copyright for this game and revived it in the App Store. The updated version of the game has not only the new name “Rolando: Royal Edition”, but also other significant changes. It should be noted that the basic mechanics of the game has not changed: the user still has to manage a certain number of balls called rolando, which need to be transferred through the maze and various obstacles. The direction of movement (forward or backward) is carried out by means of the iPhone gyro, and in order to jump over the obstacle, it is necessary to tap on the display. Also, the developers of the updated version of the game replaced the flat two-dimensional world with 3D figures. It should be noted that in “Rolando: Royal” the background is also dynamic and moves along with the balls, which creates the illusion of more volumetric space. This game is already available in the App Store at $ 2.99. But it is worth noting that directly in the game, the developers also introduced a huge number of internal purchases. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: