The Launch of Falcon Heavy Is Delayed Due to Weather Conditions
The rocket company of Elon Musk, SpaceX, is currently finishing its last preparations for a very important launch - a flight that might make it into the history of space exploration. All the hype is about Falcon Heavy, which is the most powerful and technologically advanced spacecraft in the world. Falcon Heavy is a really suitable name for the rocket, because it does look massive with its 27 engines and a design which reminds three Falcon 9 rockets stuck together. The spacecraft is located at a SpaceX facility in Florida. This would be the second flight of the giant and the first ever commercial launch of the company. The importance of this event is obvious to everybody, even to those who are not very knowledgeable in space. The maiden voyage of Falcon Heavy happened on February 6, 2018. Back then, the rocket carried a prototype of the sports car Tesla Roadster onto the orbit. While the first launch was more of a demonstrative nature, now that SpaceX fully realizes the potential of Heavy, it can undertake much more important and interesting missions. The second launch of Heavy is going to be a sponsored one. The rocket is going to carry a 6-ton Saudi Arabian satellite onto the orbit, which will improve telecommunications in the African and Middle East countries. According to the preliminary plans, the rocket was supposed to be launched yesterday, on April 9, which was reported about on the official Twitter of SpaceX. However, the launch had to be postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions in the state of Florida. The new date is scheduled for today, April 10, when the weather will presumably get much better. If everything goes well, SpaceX will be streaming the launch on its YouTube channel today. In case the second mission of Falcon Heavy proves successful, no doubt, we will see more of its launches later this year. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: