The Israeli Moonlander Crashes Against the Surface of the Moon
As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, a couple of weeks ago, the rocket carrier Falcon 9, belonging to Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, brought three spacecraft into the outer space: two satellites and one moonlander. The satellites remained on the orbit of the Earth, meanwhile the moonlander settled on its journey to the Moon. Its name is Beresheet, which means “Genesis” in English, and it was going to be the first commercial attempt of Israel to conduct a landing on the surface of the Moon. Beresheet was created and sent to the space by a non-profit Israeli company SpaceIL, firstly as a part of the contest Google Lunar X prize that promised a good prize for conducting a private moon landing, later on, as an initiative of the company itself. It took SpaceIL 8 years to plan the whole endeavor, construct a moonlander and organize its launch. A little conversation at a bar turned into a full-fledged large-scale space exploration project. The Israeli moonlander carried equipment on board, necessary for the exploration of the Moon, but unfortunately, it does not seem like they are ever going to be put to work. After successfully reaching the orbit of the Moon, Beresheet had a rough landing on its surface. The last picture taken by the spacecraft was a part of the Moon. The shot was snapped from the altitude of 292 miles. [caption id="attachment_35229" align="alignnone" width="508"] Source: CNBC[/caption] If Beresheet had landed successfully, it would have been the 4th commercial landing on the surface of the Moon. Despite the crash landing, SpaceIL does not consider its mission to be completely failed.
“We didn’t make it, but we definitely tried, and I think the achievement of getting to where we got is pretty tremendous,” Morris Kahn, the CEO of SpaceIL, said.
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