The Horrible Chemical Plant Explosion in China Took Lives of Almost 50 People
China is currently going through one of the deadliest and most destructive technological disasters of all times. Yesterday, on March 21, around 3 pm, a chemical plant, located in the city of Yancheng, Jiangsu province, exploded. The factory that started out the catastrophe is a part of the company Tianjiayi Chemical, founded in 2007 and having almost 200 employees. The plant itself was engaged in producing various chemical raw materials, including the ones that are highly flammable and can become explosive in a matter of seconds. The massive explosion didn’t go unnoticed. The death toll is currently 47 people, however, the rescue teams are still working at the site, so it means that there could be more deaths. Over 600 people were badly injured and taken to 16 hospitals all over the city. The blast had such a huge force that it caused a little earthquake which was definitely felt by the citizens of Yancheng. The nearby residents could feel their houses trembling, some of the buildings were completely destroyed. Actually, the people living close to the plant have had concerns about it for years, but nobody would listen to them. Many citizens were seriously worried about the safety measures at the factory and the impact in ecology it was creating.
"We knew we'd be blown up one day," said of the witnesses of the explosion.
The rescuers were working all night, trying to liquidate the consequences of the catastrophe and managed to get the fire under control. The authorities had to evacuate a couple thousands of people as a precaution. The government is currently investigating the possible causes of the explosion. Some people have already been arrested. The company Tianjiayi will undergo multiple inspections, especially considering the fact that it had encountered fines connected with safety violations in the past. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: