The Harvest of Apples in New Zealand Will Be Collected by The Robot
Abundant Robotics engineers have developed a unique robot that can gather ripe apples. Its first commercial specimen began to be used on the territory of New Zealand quite recently. This new product is a small moving tractor, which is equipped with a manipulator for picking apples. It can navigate in space through lidar. It is also worth noting that the robot is able to distinguish ripe fruit from unripe one, this ability is provided by a unique computer vision system. The more agriculture develops, the more human resources should be used in it. But unfortunately, this possibility does not always exist. To solve this problem, engineers around the world are beginning to invent various automated systems. For example, there is already a robot on the market that can find weeds and treat them with herbicides without human help. It should be noted that automated systems are not yet a mass phenomenon in agriculture. The robot cleaner began work on the New Zealand farms in early March 2019. With the help of lidar, it can freely move through the rows between the trees. Due to a powerful pump, it can pull in apples without damaging the branches. As it was mentioned above, it can determine the degree of ripeness of an apple. The company T&G Global claim that the use of this robot will not entail job cuts. The robot will work only at night and harvest in hard-to-reach places. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: