The Function of Eye Contact when Talking to FaceTime Appeared In iOS 13 Beta 3
This week, the third beta version of the new mobile operating system iOS came out. The developers found a new, rather interesting feature called “FaceTime Attention Correction”. It makes FaceTime conversations more like a personal conversation. It looks as if the person is looking at the camera, and not at the screen of the device. This is a huge improvement, because often when people talk on FaceTime, they are looking at the display, but not at the front camera because they want to see their interlocutor and not the little black camera lens. At the moment, this feature is available only on the company's flagship smartphones: iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. This may mean that it is compatible only with the latest A12 processors, which are installed in the new iPhone. But it is worth noting that this is only the third beta version of the new iOS and the list of supporting devices may increase by the autumn. It is also possible that the new feature will not live to see the official autumn release, but we will hope that “FaceTime Attention Correction” will only improve. We want to remind: