The Expert Announced Bitcoin Cost in 2018 0 239

Nic Colas, Wall street top analyst, co-founder of the New York research company DataTrek expects bitcoin to cost between $6500 and $22 000 in 2018.

The analyst has been following bitcoin for at least 4 years and thinks that bitcoin volatility is not that strange thing and the cryptocurrency rate will remain unstable in the following year. He says that the average price will be around 14 000 USD.

«Bitcoin can increase up to 22 000 dollars and go down to 6 500 dollars and this would also be a reasonable price. We expect to observe both these two prices in 2018», – said he.


According to him, the only way bitcoin rate can increase significantly is if businesses start using the cryptocurrency regularly.

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Tesla Cloud Storage Has Been Hacked and Used for Mining Cryptocurrency 0 84

Tesla account in Amazon Web Services (AWS) was hacked, intruders were secretly mining cryptocurrency. The attempt of hacking was tracked by the company RedLock.

The hackers gained access to the cloud through Tesla account in the service Kubernetes, which was not password-protected.

Tesla stored data on logging into its AWS account, telemetry and other Tesla vehicle data on Kubernetes. Attackers hid the real IP with the help of CloudFlare service, set up software for mining for low energy consumption and used other opportunities that made mining incospicuous, RedLock experts pointed out.

Specialists notified Tesla of the hacking and the consequences were “quickly eliminated”:

“The impact seems to be limited to internally-used engineering test cars only, and our initial investigation found no indication that customer privacy or vehicle safety or security was compromised in any way.”

RedLock didn’t report the information on how long the hackers had been mining cryptocurrency, what exactly and how much they managed to mine. But according to the screenshots of the report, the mining began several months ago.

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The First Islamic Cryptocurrency Was Created in Malaysia 0 106

The Malaysian company HelloGold received certification for the creation of the GOLDX cryptocurrency, which complies with the norms and laws of the Sharia, according to Reuters.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, GOLDX includes the token release, supported by gold, stored in a depository in Singapore. The company notes that operations with halal cryptocurrency will comply with all rules of Islamic financial contracts, such as definiteness, transparency and speed of transactions.

GOLDX will be the first cryptocurrency developed for the Islamic world and approved by representatives of Sharia law, and therefore, as the developers hope, it will be in demand in Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries, where the sharia is an important component of the legal and financial system.

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