The Demand for US Blockchain Specialists Has Grown by 700%

The demand for developers with the knowledge of blockchain technology in the labor market has increased by 35 times since last January. In this area there are 14 vacant places for one specialist, reports TechCrunch with reference to the study of the American site for the search of IT specialists Toptal.

The market of vacancies for blockchain specialists is considered to be the second one if it comes to development. Having researched the vacancies  for the last month, Toptal analysts came to the conclusion that 40% of employers’ requests for IT workers contain requirements for skills related to blockchain technology. This is basically the knowledge of the ICO, consulting technical projects and understanding commercial blockchain.

“Disruption will be in places like asset management, or deals being made that require complex contracting. Payments are so complex, and to work at scale, require the sign-off of not just central banks, but also governments. Payments won’t come first. Contracts don’t need such a sign-off, since they are a lower barrier to entry. There are less regulatory hurdles, so we will see the contract space get disrupted first”. – such predictions about the future of the market have been made by Taso Du Val, the founder and CEO of Toptal.

The founder of the Ethereum network, Vitalik Buterin, believes that the main developers and researchers should be working in several companies or organizations at the same time to participate in scientific research, discussions and monitor changes in this field.

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