The Cult Game Call of Duty will be Available on Smartphones Soon: Details
The developers of the legendary game Call of Duty claimed that their creation will be released on mobile platforms in the near future. Representatives of the companies Activision and Tencent told the fans another good news - this game will be absolutely free. Fans already have an opportunity to apply to get access to the game as early as possible. The developers are trying to transfer the cult game to mobile platforms but in a new genre of “Royal Battle”. The released beta version of the game had following modes for multiplayer games:
  • Search & Destroy;
  • Free4All;
  • Frontline;
  • Team Deathmatch.
Also, the zombie mode has become available for the single-player game. Users have an opportunity to choose a character from several options. It is worth noting that when choosing different characters, the storyline will also change. With in-game currency, gamers can “pump” their hero and his weapon. The Unity engine is in the core of this game. It is worth noting that the developers promise to demonstrate a fairly realistic physics of movements and shootings. As for the minimum technical characteristics of gadgets, there is no doubt that this game will work without problems on middle-class devices, and of course, on flagman devices. There may be some troubles in the work on budget smartphones, as well as a decrease in the FPS. Trailer: We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: