The Crypto Community Launched Crowdfunding Campaign Against Craig Wright
A crowdfunding campaign with participation of Elizabeth Stark from Lightning Labs was launched in the Network to defend the user Hodlonaut against which Craig Wright, the creator of Bitcoin SV, filed a lawsuit. The crypto community immediately reacted on the news, having supported Hodlonaut not only morally, but also financially. The scale of the flash mob can be judged by the screenshot posted by the president of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association, Ragnar Lifthrasir, which contains an exhaustive list of users on the Network under the names of “Hodlonaut”. The money raised during the campaign, which more than 800 users have already taken part in, will go on Hodlonaut defense in the case opened by Craig Wright in a British court. The lawsuit is a claim for compensation of $ 5 million for damage caused to Wright’s reputation. Hodlonaut, known in the community by the launch of Lightning Torch, has denied any Wright posts in which Craig called himself the true creator of “digital gold”. He called Craig a fraud because he didn’t have a single proof of his words. After that, Hodlonaut received a warning demanding to apologize to Wright and accept the fact that he was really Satoshi Nakamoto. As threats arrived, Hodlonaut deleted all tweets and deactivated the account. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: