The Concept of a Luxury Eco-Friendly Yacht was presented in Monaco
The concept of an ecological yacht Aqua for billionaires was unveiled on a yacht show in Monaco. It works on liquid hydrogen and emits clean water into the environment. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="639"] Source:[/caption] The yacht got a futuristic design, a curved upper deck and high-tech elements with classic interior solutions. The yacht can accommodate about 30 crew members and 14 guests in total. It will include a gym, a hydromassage room, a cinema, and a cascading outside pool. A 111-meter ship can reach a maximum speed of 17 knots (about 32 km/h) and has a range of 6,000 kilometers. The yacht is divided into five decks, connected by a spiral staircase in the center and technical elevators. There are stations for boats and jet skis on the lower deck. Two vacuum tanks are located in the hold of the yacht, where liquid hydrogen is stored at a temperature of -253 degrees Celsius. During the movement, liquid hydrogen with the help of special fuel cells generates electricity, and the yacht produces clean water as an exhaust. Due to a special power system, the yacht produces a minimum of noise and vibration. Engineers are confident that the complete model will be able to claim the title of the quietest and most technologically advanced yacht in the world.