The Brain, Which is Able to Control the Muscles, Was Grown in the Laboratory

A group of scientists managed to create a small analog of the human brain and attach a spinal cord with muscle tissue to it. After connecting to the spinal cord, this small artificially created brain began to send signals to the muscle tissue. During the experiment, scientists established a number of muscle contractions that were controlled by this brain organoid.

Madeline Lancaster, the head of a group of scientists from Cambridge who conducted this experiment, said:

“We like to think of them as mini-brains on the move”

The fact is that for its creation an innovative method of growing a mini-brain with the help of human stem cells was used. In terms of development, this brain is very close to that of a human embryo in the third to fourth month of pregnancy. Also, scientists assured that its structure is still too primitive, so it can not have any feelings or moreover thoughts.

This discovery will help to explore various serious diseases which are connected with motor neurons.

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