The Blockchain Browser Brave Partners Up with Cheddar to Make a Unique Offer to Its Users
The blockchain-based browser Brave is collaborating with the news portal Cheddar and unlocking the content on the side that is normally available only to the premium account subscribers. The offer is limited in time (starting today, January 29, and ending in three months) and meant only for the users who try to access Cheddar using the browser Brave.
Cheddar viewers are obsessed with crypto; we even have a show dedicated to it – The Crypto Craze. The idea of unlocking our premium feeds for Brave users via crypto funding, with no sign-up, seemed like a natural way to engage a passionate community,” the CEO of Cheddar mentioned.
Brave was launched back in 2015 by a co-founder of another famous browser Mozilla and a JavaScript developer Brendan Eich. It has over 5 million active users every day. The browser is actively engaging in multiple collaborations in order to research the blockchain technology and how it may improve user experience. Recently, it partnered up with a blockchain startup Civic and used it verification technology to check the authorship of content and make sure the real creators are paid for their work. We remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: