The Bitcoin Game Version of “Ready Player One” Has Been Created
Cryptocurrency games are no novelty in the industry, but they all differ in style, genre, quality and, of course, the amount of possible profits. The Bitcoin game that we are about to to introduce to you has a total price of 1 million BTC, which is an incredibly sum of money in dollars - over 5 billion USD. The game is called “Satoshi’s Treasure”. This AR development was created to unite the crypto enthusiasts and scavenger hunt lovers from all over the world in search of the key to the digital wallet, containing the prize.

What about Ready Player One?

If we take a look at the minimalistic site, where the game begins, we see the table with the special “keys”, the dates of release and clues, leading to their location. The whole set-up and even some terms, for example “The Jade Key”, really reminds of the sci-fi novel and the eponymous movie “Ready Player One”. In the book and the film, the main characters take part in a virtual reality game. The inventor of the game hid the special keys inside the game. The winner of the quest received a huge amount of money and the rights to the biggest and most popular VR game. In case with “Satoshi’s Treasures”, the players will get their prize in Bitcoins. The game does not copy “Ready Player One”, but some of its parts are quite similar.

The rules

Frankly speaking, there are no particular rules of the game. There are various tasks and riddles that protect clues and keys. Moreover, “Satoshi’s Treasure” was developed by 18 different people, so nobody knows the game completely. One of its creators, Eric Meltzer, just advises the participants to “go goddamn play”.
There are some clues that are very scavenger hunt-y, and clues where it’s purely logic puzzles or math problems,” he said.
6 thousand people have already signed up for the challenge of searching for 1000 pieces of a Bitcoin wallet with the desired prize, donated by the game developers and interested investors. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: