The Best Video Cards for Mining in 2018

How often do you hear about mining? We are sure that it happens often enough. However, how deeply you are involved in this topic is a completely different matter. If you decide to get cryptocurrency by mining, then we recommend that you approach this enterprise with maximum responsibility, especially when choosing a video card. It doesn't seem that difficult to choose a video card. You should just buy new and more powerful ones. Still, an extremely wide choice can cause some difficulties. To help you choose a good video card, The Coin Shark presents an review of 7 best video cards of 2018, which is based on the feedback and recommendations of professional miners.


The presented powerful beauty is considered the best video card of this manufacturer in the current year. This is justified by high performance and by the fact that this is the latest innovation among video cards from the company NVIDIA. Releasing this device, the developers intended it for games. However, the miners found it beneficial for their purposes as well because of its high productivity and low power consumption.


All you need to know about this video adapter is that it provides good quality for a good price. With the performance being decent enough, the device has the price which does not empty your wallet. The video card is suitable both for the your favorite video games with good graphics and for mining.

3. NVIDIA GTX 1070

We have already acquainted you with the two most suitable monsters for mining in 2018. However, NVIDIA GTX 1070 is the best video device for Ethereum mining. It is characterized by low energy consumption and hash rate.


It is the very novelty, based on the architecture of Vega. This model is considered a unique instance, because ordinarily speaking, video cards are designed primarily for games. However, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition was developed specifically for various scientific calculations.


We are glad to introduce one of the most productive video adapters of Radeon. The video card impresses with its results, especially regarding the mining of Ethereum and Monero. It is characterized by excellent energy efficiency.


AMD closely follows the world's trends, so it started producing video cards, designed specifically for mining. This video card is equipped with an improved cooling system, has no slots for graphic output (they are unnecessary for miners), and also has high performance.

7. NVIDIA P106-100 (GEFORCE GTX 1060)

It is another object of admiration for miners. The model is specially designed for mining cryptocurrency, it operates on the basis of the GTX 1060 video adapter. It is characterized by an improved cooling system, having no slots, and a several times better performance than conventional video cards.

Conclusion: what video card should you buy for mining in 2018?

We presented models that are used by experienced miners. However, it does not mean that one of the models will satisfy your desires 100% and solve all the tasks you set before it. When choosing a video adapter for the mining of cryptocurrency, look at the price and make an approximate calculation of its payback. In general, there is no direct answer, because it is in linear dependence on several variables, which, in turn, are related to the situation in the cryptocurrency market. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: