The Air Force of the United States Spot an UFO in the Sky
The pilots of the US Air Force are now trying to explain a weird phenomenon, which happened in the sky above their military base, located in Anchorage, Alaska, the last frontier of the United States. The strange object was falling right from the sky. It did not look like any of the regular aircraft or its part. The video shows an unidentified object plummeting down to the ground followed by the trails of thick black smoke. As for now, it is considered an UFO, because the nature of this flying body is still unclear. The footage was shot by the pilots from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson and later on was leaked to the Internet. The representative of the base claims that the activity of the military located there has absolutely nothing to do with the strange incident.
"That doesn't look like any of our planes," she stated.
Later on, it turned out that the other aviation-related military organizations did not create, launch or had any other influence over the mysterious object, which definitely makes the whole situation a little spooky. Specialists started to investigate the incident, and most of them agreed that the most logical explanation was that the so-called UFO was actually some kind of an airplane, falling down to a malfunction. However, some experts are convinced that logic does not work here, since the object obviously looks a lot different from any known type of aircraft. People, who witnessed the “UFO” with their own eyes, including the author of the footage, 18-year-old Adonus Baugh, state that the object looked like a small meteor or asteroid, something that definitely went through the atmosphere. The investigation of the case is still going on. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: