Tether is Launching USDT Stablecoin on Tron Blockchain
Tether announced its partnership with TRON to release a new version of dollar-pegged stablecoin USDT. On Monday, the company has released a statement saying that this time USDT will be based on TRC-20 which is a special technical standard used by TRON blockchain. Such protocol allows users to transact with dApps across the TRON network. https://twitter.com/Tether_to/status/1102616711902175232 The company also hopes to boost the liquidity of decentralized exchanges to make TRON more accessible to investors. Providing USDT - a stablecoin - as an option makes it possible. TRON is the third blockchain on which Tether built its stablecoin, the previous two are Bitcoin and Ethereum’s blockchains. This version of USDT stablecoin is planned to launch in the next quarter of 2019. The CEO of Tether has pointed out the positive side of the partnership claiming:
“This integration underlines our commitment to furthering innovation within the cryptocurrency space as we continue to anticipate the needs and demands of the digital asset community.”
One of the best features of USDT coin is its price stability. 1 USDT is always supposed to cost 1 US dollar and is always backed by it. Thus, many traders stash their funds in Tether when the market is uncertain. Such necessity of stable cryptocurrency makes USDT popular coin in the crypto world. Recently, its total market cap has even raised to 2.1 billion at one point. Such great results prove that Tether is the future of crypto world. [caption id="attachment_29690" align="alignnone" width="503"] Source: CoinMarketCap[/caption] Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/