Tesla Model Y was Noticed on a Public Road
The budget Tesla Model Y crossover, which has not yet been released, was noticed on public roads in America during tests. According to the video, the testing electric car got on the camera of another electric car - Model 3. It is not known whether the video was made accidentally or intentionally. The video lasts only 3 seconds. Testing the electric car on public roads means that Elon Musk`s company has entered the final stage of the Model Y preparation before mass production begins. Although Tesla still has enough time, since the budget crossovers, built on Model 3, should enter the market at the end of 2020. Note that Model Y has been noticed in tests before. Many fans of the brand are eager to see a full review of this model to understand how the company's designers managed to make it seven-seater. https://youtu.be/032Viu2ZIo0