Tesla Got a New Patent for the Fastest Charging Station in the World
Tesla has patented the new heavy-duty Megacharger system for ultra-fast Semi electric trucks, providing a charge of 640 km in just half an hour. According to the patent documentation, the Megacharger design has a liquid-cooled charging connector and could potentially be a step towards a completely new generation of superchargers. The liquid cooling will be used to help the plug-in cable withstand the higher loads required to charge Tesla Semi batteries. Tesla notes that the new liquid-cooled supercharger connector not only allows faster charging - it also makes the wiring in the charging connector much more efficient. This means that Supercharger connectors can eventually become smaller and more compact, despite the fact that they can provide higher performance. The first sigh of the innovation was probably the liquid-cooled cables in the Supercharger V3, which are smaller and more compact than those used in the V2. However, neither Musk nor Tesla company has presented Megacharger features yet. According to preliminary data, the new charges for Semi will surpass the capabilities of Supercharger V2 stations with power is 120 kW, several times.