Tesla Fixed the Dangerous Error “Dog Mode”
Tesla specialists updated their software to fix problems with Dog Mode, which should keep coolness in the car when the dog is there, and the owner is not nearby. Earlier, Tesla owner Rahul Sood discovered that Dog Mode would stop working if the user adjusted the fan settings after activating it manually. Elon Musk immediately reacted to this statement and promised to fix this problem in the near future. And recently, Musk wrote that Tesla has released a software update marked “Dog Mode Improvements”. The update indicates that since now the system will limit any manual climate settings, except for temperature in the "Dog" mode. Thus, drivers will no longer be able to deactivate this mode accidentally and their pets will be safe. Sood thanked Tesla, praising the quick fixing. “Every other car manufacturer should be worried,” - he wrote. We want to remind: https://thecoinshark.net/tesla-showed-a-financial-report-for-the-second-quarter-of-2019/