Tesla Cars Finally Got a New Firmware Version 10.0
The car manufacturer Tesla has started the release of a new version of the software 10.0 for electric cars Model S, Model X and Model 3, offering owners not only improvements for the autopilot but also entertainment for not to get bored behind the wheel. The built-in onboard computer of Tesla electric cars got access to Spotify Premium, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, as well as other new features. The company calls the new firmware "the biggest update in history." Autopilot capabilities are not yet enough developed for watching movies while driving, but the company notes that owners will be able to watch their favorite TV shows and movies in the parking lot. Besides video streaming services, there is the original hand-drawn platform game Cuphead from Disney Studios, supplied with a plug-in Xbox One gamepad. Given the size and quality of Tesla's car displays, video playback support was only a matter of time. So far, this playback is limited to streaming services, but users will be able to upload a video to the electric car to watch offline in the future. Other features include a karaoke application with a “huge” multi-language title library, as well as navigation features called “I feel lucky” and “I feel hungry” that deliver drivers to their destinations according to their mood. Tesla promises that such a trip will be a "real adventure."