Tennis Star Serena Williams Invests into Coinbase
Celebrities into cryptocurrency is no new topic to us. We have even created a compilation of the brightest actors, singers, sport stars and businessmen that support cryptocurrencies. Celebrities buy and sell crypto, back up and advertise crypto-related project, and even shoot crypto-related movies. Today we will talk about the brilliant tennis player Serena Williams and her contribution into the crypto world. But first, let’s get to know this successful woman a bit better.

Who is Serena Williams?

Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player and, probably, one of the most well-known and skillful people in this sport. In the period from 2002 to 2017, Williams occupied the #1 position in the rating of the Women’s Tennis Association. Overall, she has been #1 for 319 weeks, which is truly an incredible result. Besides that, she is a proud owner of four Olympic gold medals and a bunch of other prestigious awards. Her approximate net worth is around 180 million dollars.

Serena and crypto

Recently, the sports star surprised her subscribers on Instagram with a post, which said that Williams launched a business of her own back in 2014, whose main goal is to financially support promising projects and businesses in different industries.
Serena Ventures invests in companies that embrace diverse leadership, individual empowerment, creativity and opportunity,” Williams wrote in her post.
The companies on the list of Serena Williams include the dinner kits producer Gobble, a razor manufacturer Billie, the bridal shop Floravere and many others. What caught our eye was that the list included Coinbase. Coinbase is a major American cryptocurrency exchange, based in San Francisco. With over 500 employees, the company has around 1 billion dollars in revenue. The support from such an influential and wealthy person as Serena Williams is definitely going to boost up the popularity of Coinbase and raise awareness of cryptocurrency among the community. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: