Telegram Posted Test Version of the TON Blockchain in a Public Access

On September 8, the Telegram team posted an open-access test version of the blockchain network. If since May only a limited number of companies had access to the Durov brothers' developments, now everyone can test part of the TON functions. Supposedly, this test is the last stage before the final launch of the Telegram blockchain. The development team has less than two months left for this: if the platform is not launched before October 31, Durov will have to return the invested $1.7 billion to investors. The full source codes of the software for implementing the test version of the blockchain, as well as configuration files, appeared on the site With this data set, external developers can create their own nodes and, if there are enough Gram test tokens, check how transaction validation works in the Durov blockchain. For those who are not ready to develop their own client, a web application for researching the test blockchain has appeared in the public domain, it is located at In addition, the test page contains the project documentation. All four files are signed by Nikolai Durov, some, as stated on the page, are out of date. The most current date, September 6, 2019, is for the 167-page description of the TON virtual machine. Besides technical documentation, the site has posted a guide on creating a node in the test blockchain.