Millions of Android Devices Are Being Hacked by the Virus for Mining Monero
According to Malwarebytes, millions of Android users have been exposed to a hacker attack, they have recently been redirected to a site that infected their devices with a virus for mining using the Coinhive script. Attackers redirected users to a page where they were informed that their device "shows suspicious activity." Thus, they needed to confirm that they were not bots by filling in CAPTCHA, then their devices started to be used for mining Monero. Users only needed to enter the verification code and click "continue". After that, they were redirected to the Google homepage. According to researchers, this was quite a strange choice. It has not yet been determined who the person that forced users to pass verifications is. Nevertheless, analysts believe that the infection was happening through virus-infected applications and banners. Subscribe on The Coin Shark news in Telegram: