The Robot Took a Picture of the Person Who Attacked It
We are still far from a society where robots can be found on every corner, but technological progress is inexorably moving in this direction. Already now you can find several roaming robots that monitor security in places such as banks, hospitals, casinos, shopping centers, etc in the United States. But some people do not seem to like the new cop robots: earlier this month in Hayward, California, a security robot shot a video of an alleged attacker just before he hit it. Tipping one of these robots is not something you can do accidentally, as it weighs about 180 kilograms. As of right now, about 75 Knightscope robots have been deployed in 15 US states, and a Vox report says they will be able to replace the guards in the near future. Robots help duty guards with minor tasks, such as scanning a doorway, but people still need to intervene if the robot detects something unusual. Knightscope says that the attacked robot quickly recovered, let's hope that people will behave more restrained in the company of our new assistants.