The Reason for the Accident of the Indian Lunar Spaceship is Found
Representatives of the Indian space research organization have finally announced the reason why the lunar spaceship Vikram crashed. It turned out, the spacecraft was not able to land on the Moon surface due to too sharp braking during the second stage of landing. ISRO specialists provided a detailed report of the incident especially for the request of the deputy of the lower house of the Indian Parliament. The document says that the mission went on as normal until the second phase of the spaceship landing. By that time, the spacecraft had successfully decreased from 30 to 7.4 km and slowed down from 1583 to 146 meters per second. But after this, the braking process did not go according to plan, as a result, the space model crashed at a distance of about half a kilometer from the planned soft landing site. According to scientists, all the onboard scientific instruments still work and transmit data to Earth. Originally it was planned that the module will last seven years.